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We did it!! August Capsule wardrobe week 4, the final frontier!

WE MADE IT!!! I finished up the August Capsule wardrobe last week and in this post I want to not only recap all of the outfits I wore, but the final thoughts on this particular capsule. What I loved, what I didn't, and what I would change for next time!

Let's dive in! First, let's recap what items were in my capsule:

So what you didn't see was me preplanning my outfits behind the scenes. Much like the Teacher Capsule that I posted, I preplanned my outfits in Canva, so I could open the weekly collage and know exactly what I was wearing that day. There were a few days that I switched things around - wearing Tuesdays outfit on Monday, and Saturday's. outfit on Wednesday, but all in all I followed my guide pretty well. Only at the end of the capsule did I change one outfit, but I'll talk about that in a minute! First, let me show you all of the outfits preplanned. If you join the Style Vault or Curated Closets, it will be laid out very similarly!

And now the moment you have been waiting for, all of the outfits on my body and styled!

As you can see there was only one day that I changed what was planned...this is because the black paperbag pants ended up stretching and almost falling off of me the first time I wore them, so I improvised and wore my favorite shirt in the capsule and black jeans!

The items that didn't get as much wear as they should have were the black tank top, the black and white striped top, and the checkered leggings. I would totally mix these items into my next capsule to get more wear out of them.


I LOVED doing this capsule! It felt very "me" but with some added items I normally wouldn't wear. Those items ended up being some I didn't wear much, but when I did wear them, I liked them!

There were days I wish I had a different shoe option, and the high neck of the black dress was more difficult to work with than I thought it would be. When I picked it initially I wasn't paying attention to the neck, but more the silhouette of the actual dress. For my next capsule, I'll be paying more attention to those details!

So would I do this again - ABSOLUTELY! I can't even express how much I enjoyed knowing what I would be wearing the next day! I also loved getting to wear some new things I had recently added to my wardrobe.

I am taking the month of September to prep for The Style Vault and Curated Closets for y'all, but I will be back to capsules in October! Im so excited!! See you then!



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