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Have you ever scrolled instagram, Pinterest, or TikTok looking for fashion inspiration and thought, “WHERE is my body type??” Yeah, me too! That’s why I started B Shaped Body! I couldn’t find anyone with a B-Belly that wasn’t pregnant, and that was sharing fashion advice, looks, anything! B Shaped Body is like a warm hug to all of us that felt left out, not seen, not represented!


I am a former makeup artist, turned hairstylist, turned online B-Belly rep! For the last 3 years I have taught women all over the world how to not give a damn about societies expectations of them and their bodies. How to dress, have fun style, and confidence! But then life threw a curveball (or ten), my health did a nosedive, the big 4-0 hit, and suddenly my entire wardrobe felt like it belonged to someone else!


I realized B Shaped Body is more than just a place for ladies who have a B-Belly (and those that don’t) to find comfort! BShapedBody is a LIFESTYLE! Learning how to do your hair for the first time ever, how to accomplish the perfect winged eyeliner, nailing the most amazing dinner for your family that only took 20 minutes, wearing clothes outside of your comfort zone, trying new things you never thought you would try like baggy pants, a wig, neon green, band tee’s and more!


THIS is what B-Shaped Body is all about! Here we age, our bodies change, out styles change, we don’t wear what’s trendy for the sake of trendy, we get to be ourselves! And we get to do it TOGETHER!


Welcome to B Shaped Body, home of the misfits that all fit together. 

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