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August Capsule week 3 - home stretch!!

We have almost completed this month's 30x30 and I will be totally honest, Im going to miss having my capsule!!! Waking up every morning and knowing exactly what I am going to wear takes off SO MUCH STRESS! It's like having a meal plan - not having to think bout what you're going to eat every night instead of trying to figure it out every day and looking to your husband and have him say "I don't know, what do you want?" haha! I HATE THAT!

Not only that, but I feel so much more productive, put together, and all around more confident and better in my body image. The capsule really does help you!!

This is just one of many of the lessons I'll be teaching in The Style Vault, and part of what you will learn in Curated Closets! (COMING VERY SOON!!!!)

Let's get into it! And if you want a recap of WEEK ONE and WEEK TWO, click their names to check them out!


One more week and we will be wrapping up this capsule! Leave me a comment and let me know if you have seen any stand out looks you like or if you are ready to have a capsule of your own!! See you soon!!!



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