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Is your phone ruining your skin?

(This post contains affiliate links that I make a small commission from. They come at absolutely no cost to you, they just support keeping this blog going! Thank you for shopping my links!)

A couple of years ago, I noticed I was getting headaches quite frequently and my eyes were becoming extremely sensitive.

Knowing me, instead of making a doctors appointment, I took to google and searched the two things together - a biggest common denominator was digital eye strain caused by blue light. I had seen everyone shill out their blue light glasses on instagram, but those are a gimmick, right? A few more google searches and before you know it, I was down a rabbit hole learning all of the bad, and good, effects of blue light - not only on your eyes but on your skin!

Now, what is blue light and why should I be concerned? In Layman's terms, blue light is the light that comes from digital advices, light bulbs, and even the sun, that our eyes can't filter properly, which can lead to damage such as:

  • headaches

  • dry eye

  • eye straining

  • blurred vision

  • trouble sleeping

  • waking during the night

  • reduced awareness during the day

  • and can even effect your vision long term

In fact, 65% of Americans report some form of eye strain after being on their devices - probably because the average adult spends about 13 hours a day on their phone or computer.


So what does this have to do with your skin? Well, blue light from your devices can cause changes in your skin cells including cell shrinkage and even cell death, and according to Kaclyn Palmieri, director of esthetics at Hand & Stone massage and facial spa, "Blue light from continued use of electronics can harm collagen fibroblasts in your skin and contribute to oxidative stress."

But wait - before you throw out your iPhone and laptop, there is some good news! Blue light can also promote healthy things like:

  • Alertness

  • boosts memory

  • elevates mood

  • regulates circadian rhythm

PLUS there are LOTS of products on the market that can help your skin and eyes from getting blue light damage.

Blue Light Glasses:

Turns out, they aren't a myth! Blue light glasses can block anywhere from 5%-40% of blue light, plus they are adorable! Check out my favorite ones here.


Yep! Even if you're not going outside, SPF in your skincare can protect your skin from absorbing blue light - so even on your days you're hanging at home scrolling instagram or TikTok, layer up that sunscreen! My fave even moisturizes your skin, two birds - one product! Check it out here.

Setting Spray:

Not just any setting spray, but this particular one from ELF absorbs blue light while using aloe and elderflower extract to hydrate the skin. Plus its completely clean, fair-trade certified, and vegan! Not to mention, CHEAP! Check it out here.

(source: Harmon Face Values)

So tomorrow when you get to work and stare at your computer for hours, or on your lunch break scrolling social media, even watching TV at night relaxing, remember to protect your eyes and your skin from blue light with these three simple steps - plus you will look cute (and younger!) doing it!

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