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30 X 30 Final Outfits and Final Thoughts

(This post contains affiliate links that I make a small commission from. They come at absolutely no cost to you, they just support keeping this blog going! Thank you for shopping my links!)

We are officially at the end of the first 30X30 of 2023! On this post, I am going to show you my final outfits as well as share my final thoughts of how much I liked certain items, items I wish I had added, and items I never wore! So stay tuned to the end!

Granted we had a few days we were literally iced in, and I didn't get dressed at all! And I had some days of repeat outfits, so I didn't show them - This is very realistic of how your capsules will go too! They aren't meant to be made for rigorous rule following - they are meant to help you discover your style and get out of a rut!

I think this was my most adventurous outfit! This is what capsule wardrobing is ALL ABOUT! Mixing things that shouldn't work, but they some how do! For this Western Wednesday look, I took the long skirt from boohoo and paired it with this cropped shirt from Three Bird Nest. Now that I've worn this shirt a couple of times since I bought it, I prefer the cropped shirt thats similar from Free People, just because they are the same price and I think the FP one is better quality. To give it some styleI tied up both the shirt and the skirt, wore my cowboy boots, and turquoise jewelry.

Shop the look here.

If you watched my instagram stories, you would see I made a switch in my capsule. The grey sweater from Three Bird Nest was supposed to fit like an off the shoulder rolled sweater, and it just didn't fit me correctly. Instead, it hung like a cowl neck, and my sensory issues said absolutely not! So, I switched it out for this cashmere tan sweater I bought at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I tucked it into my black wide leg pants, and paired with my tennis shoes and gold jewelry.

Shop the look here.

Y'all really loved this look! Wearing the Arula "rag jeans" as we have come to affectionally call them, grey henley, and the black vest that I had never pulled out! This was such a fun way to wear a vest and I normally wouldn't have!

Shop the look here.

Well, this might be the last time you see these flared jeans - my husband washed them and put them in the dryer, and as you can see, they are about 2 inches too short for me now! But I still rocked them, and when I left I wore my hightop shoes, and you could hardly tell they were too short. I also tried this new tucking technique with my one scout...not sure if I love it or hate it - but I love trying new things!

Shop the look here.

Preppy meets Boho - the Judy blue jeans are just so good, and paired with the Three Bird Nest tunic, its a match made in heaven. It gives such amazing body balance. The weather cleared up so I was able to wear my sandals and some boho jewelry to top it all off. There are so many ways to tie this shirt, if you haven't seen it yet, I have a video on my instagram.

Shop the look here.

I got so much wear out of this jumper - and Im so glad! I actually wore it and washed it so many times that it has a hole in it now! haha - nothing that I can't fix though!

Paired with therein burnout kimono, which I just LOVE, I also wore my hightop sneakers to dress it down a bit.

Shop the look here.

I think this is my favorite outfit that I wore the entire 30X30!

The overalls, the oversized under shirt, the glasses, and sneakers! All so fun, out of the box, and I got compliments EVERYWHERE I went this day!!! Oh not to mention the earrings that matched the shirt perfectly!

Shop the look here.

Don't mind me not cleaning up my room for this picture lol!!! Like seriously, Nikki, what the heck?? Anyway, I guess rag jeans are appropriate for this hoarder style photo, and the pink lily sweater you know I can't go wrong with. Its about to be too hot to wear it, so I love that I got so much wear before I have to pack it away!

Shop the look here.

Another way to tie up these tunics that I didn't even think of in my video! I just pulled the end towards me and tied it into a knot! So simple and gives you so much definition at the waist. Im wearing it with my joggers and tennis shoes! The perfect elevated cozy look for running errands.

Shop the look here.

These last few days, I really felt like I hit my stride! I need to trim these pants SO bad, but I love the crazy wide leg paired with the flowy kimono! You know I love to mix oversized and oversized together - remember, there are no rules! (Except the rule of 1/3s - if you don't know what Im talking about, check out my course here!)

The Body suit adds balance, and a great color contrast!

Shop the look here.

The next morning, I was feeling uninspired, so I grabbed the same earrings and kimono from the day before any my freshly washed old faithful jumpsuit, and actually - I LOVED this look!! I will continue to wear it over and over again!

Shop the look here.

On the last day, I decided to grab out my old reliable - wide leg pants; oversized cropped tee! This is my favorite combo to pull when I want to be comfortable but look put together. I ran to Walmart and got stopped by two different women telling me how much they loved my outfit and that they would never have thought to put it together!

Shop the look here.


There was only one item (technically) that didn't get worn, the other item got switched. Both were tops, if you see here, the orange one in the top right was the one I never wore, and the grey one got exchanged for another sweater due to it not fitting properly.

Every other item got worn at least once!

The STARS of this capsule were hands down:

  • Black "rag" jeans

  • Black Jumpsuit

  • and White High Top Sneakers

Some items I wish I had added:

  • Another Jumpsuit

  • A more fitted t-shirt that wasn't a graphic

  • Black Leggings

Items I wouldn't have worn if it wasn't for the capsule:

  • Tiered maxi skirt

  • black vest

  • Super wide legged jeans

  • Off white v-neck sweater shirt

All in all, I feel like this capsule was successful! I found some items that I hadn't worn in a while - or at all - and gave them some love. I really gravitated towards my oversized boho feel, and on the days I didn't I felt preppy and out of my element, so it emphasized my personal style even more, and I was pushed to get dressed on a lot of days that I would have just stayed in my sweats or PJ's!

If you have any questions about my 30X30 capsule, leave them below, and if you want to do your own 30 X 30 challenge, or just see what its all about, you can download my freebie here!

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