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5 belts every plus size woman should own

(This post contains affiliate links that I make a small commission from. They come at absolutely no cost to you, they just support keeping this blog going! Thank you for shopping my links!)

When it comes to belts, women plus size women flock to them and some wish they could act like they never existed! I used to be part of the latter, that is until I found belts that actually worked for me!

Back in the day there was this STUPID trend of wearing belts OVER cardigans, it's as bad as you can imagine, but let me give you an actual visual.

This is me, circa 2009 - yep, I've been at this fashion blogger thing for a LONG time!! Ignore the old photo bucket watermark, I'm not paying to host my old photos so it stays! haha

In reality, this outfit is totally giving what it should be giving for the time, but now - its just a hot ass mess! That belt would be the first to go if I were to re-style this now!

So how are we supposed to wear belts?

In this video (sorry there is no sound - websites really hate copy written material), I'll show you a couple I love and then below Im going to break them down in more detail, and I'll give you some links so you can shop them!

Now let's talk about the 5 belts, I believe, every women should have in her closet!

First and second up - a western inspired double buckle belt in black and white!

Western fashion has creeped into mainstream this year QUICKLY! We're seeing cowboy boots on runways, boleros on the red carpet, and turquoise jewelry at almost every retailer.

A western belt doesn't have to be styled "western" so to speak, but it is an awesome addition to a plain dress, jeans, or jumpsuit! Believe me, you will pull this belt out more than anything else in your closet.

My favorite western belts are these from Arula, they are stretchy, size inclusive, and well made for a fantastic price. I own the black and the white, and you will see me rocking them a ton this summer for sure!

Third - a Harness!

Harnesses are the newest trend in belts, but OMG do I LOVE them! They add structure to outfits where there is none, they give a boho flair with certain items and an edgy touch to others. They can be worn with anything from a casual jumpsuit to a power suit at the office and be amazing. I own several and they are all unique in their own way. I have lined several different styles on this post for you to check out.

Fourth - something braided

There are lots of different kinds of woven or braided belts. They can be thick or thin, but they add a more relaxed look to whatever you're wearing. I love to pair mine with a basic pair of jeans and a button up that is half tucked. They are also amazing over dresses in the summer! This particular one is very stretchy and has that Anthropologie look we all love.

Fifth and Final - a statement piece!

This belt makes a statement because not only is it wide, its velvet, and the gold grommet detailing makes it unexpected! Every time I wear this belt I get stopped and asked about where it's from. Look for a belt that screams your style, your favorite color, or has really interesting details! When you feel like your outfit could use a little something and you aren't sure what it is, add your statement belt!

Hopefully this post has inspired you to try a new belt style, pick up some fun additions to your wardrobe, and try new outfit combinations wearing belts! If you have any other questions, let me know in the comments!


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