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The ultimate spoiled dog check list!

(This post contains affiliate links that I make a small commission from. They come at absolutely no cost to you, they just support keeping this blog going! Thank you for shopping my links!) may know our spoiled dog, Thor - a 2 year old, 98 pound, blue eyed Husky mix who is full of love, life, and personality enough for several dog's.

Since we don't have human children together, Thor is our child. I joke about being DINK's (double income, no kids), but we actually are DINKWAD (double income, no kids with a dog) - and that life suits us VERY well!

( I swear he does more than sleep! lol)

And since we don't have kids, we get to spend all of the money we would on kids, on our dog - and now I'm going to influence you to do the same thing - or at least get your dog something really cool, with my ultimate spoiled dog amazon list. I'm going to go through each item, give you our rating, and hopefully your furry friend will have a new gadget or two very soon - like PRIME shipping soon!

Dog Training Buttons

If you haven't trained your dog to use bottoms, it's not too late! These buttons let you record your voice saying anything you want. We have "water, walk, potty, mommy, daddy, and loli's (our favorite restaurant that gives Thor bacon)" on ours! When Thor needs to go potty, he knows to hit the potty button, water, etc. We use mommy and daddy to ask him who he wants to take him potty, and things like that! These have been a total game changer for us! And they took about a week to train him on each one, so its pretty simple!

5 out of 5 dog bones!

Neabot pet groomer and vacuum

Ok, I literally just bought this after seeing an ad - if you have a dog that sheds like crazy, this is a MUST have! Think little thing is like a flowby - but for your dog! A vacuum/brush/trimmer all in one! So you can keep your pets hair in the machine instead of all over you and your floor! Yep - you need it! Trust me!

4 out of 5 bones, only because its holder for the hair is small and Thor sheds a TON, so I had to empty it a couple of times, but really not that big of a deal!


Speaking of shedding, the equigroomer is another must have if your dog has a double coat. This thing pulls that coat out, without pulling on your dogs skin, so its super comfortable, unlike undercoat rakes. Totally groomer approved too - in fact, our groomer is who suggested we get one! Its un real how well this little thing works!

5 out of 5 dog bones

Potty bag dispenser with flashlight

Let's talk poop - we usually take Thor for his last poop just before bed, when its dark, and we live in the suburbs in Texas - hello snakes! When I found out I could have a poop bag dispenser and flash light all in one, I said SIGN ME UP hunny! It just toggles on to your lead and you're good to go!

5 out of 5 dog bones

Potty Bag Holders

Speaking of potty bags - these little guys are amazing when you're out in public with your dog, on a long bike ride or walk, etc. After your dog has done it's business, if there isn't a trashcan near you, you simply tie a knot, and feed it through the toggle on this holder, and it holds your poop bag until you have a place to dispose of it. These come in handy when we take Thor to our favorite brewery, or even when we go on our long walk in the mornings and are miles away from home, but still want to be responsible pet parents and pick up after our boy! Plus they loop right onto your leash!

4 out of 5 dog bones, only because I wish they had a dongle to clip on

Waterproof AirTag holders

These are SO important, they slip onto your dogs collar so if they ever get lost, you can find them! PLUS they are waterproof, because you know dogs - always getting into water! But Nikki, my dog is microchipped. Cool, so is mine, but if someone steals my dog or he runs away and no one has picked him up yet, I can pinpoint a location with the AirTag!

5 out of 5 dog bones

Travel Water Bottle

In Austin, its almost cruel not to take your dog everywhere you go! We are a dog lovin' city! Grocery stores, farmers markets, restaurants and breweries, bars, and parks are all full of dogs! We are even members of a bar thats also a dog park! Its the coolest place! So usually most places have water bowls out for dogs, but we don't allow Thor to drink from communal dog bowls, because no thank you to treating worms over and over again. Last summer I got him one of these holders thats waterproof so I can just throw it in my bag, holds plenty for being out for an afternoon, and is easy for him to use! It comes with a strap to hold it, keeps water at a consistent temperature so it doesn't get hot, and you just flip the cup up and squeeze!

5 out of 5 dog bones - the best cup we've had yet!

Chuck-it Dog Ball Launcher

If you don't already have one of these, you NEED one asap! Nothing can wear Thor out like chasing a ball, and this launcher can send it yards and yards away, WAY further than I could throw it! Plus you just scoop the ball back up with it and throw again, so you don't have to touch drool covered balls. Just make sure you check the size chart and buy the correct size for your dog!

5 out of 5 dog bones - best toy!

Bacon Bubbles and Bubble Wand

Yep, you read that right, BACON bubbles! These bubbles are dog safe, edible, and bacon flavored! Their wand sucks though, so last summer I bought one of these bubble blowers for Thor and he just about lost his mind. Want to be the most loved (or hated lol) dog mom at the dog park, get you these two gems!

4 out of 5 dog bones - bubbles are VERY sticky, and launcher needs to be cleaned between uses

Puppy Treat Puzzle

If you have a puppy, you're going to need one of these, especially if they are a working breed. These dogs need "jobs" to keep them busy so they aren't tearing your home to pieces. Thor LOVED this when he was a puppy, he's outgrown it now and would break it if hit too hard, but when he was small it was so much fun to watch him trying to get the treat. You fill the top section up with training treats or kibble, and they have to "bop" it to get the treat out!

4 out of 5 dog bones - I wish it was made a little stronger so it could grow with the dog more, but it was worth the price when he was young!

Snuffle Mat

Dogs of all ages can use snuffle mats, but if your dog has outgrown toys like the one above and you still want to keep them occupied, a snuffle mat is where its at. You just hide kibble or small training treats inside and let them sniff them out! Thor LOVES his, just remember to not leave them unsupervised with it, because most dogs will tear it up.

5 out of 5 dog bones - this large size is perfect for a dog Thor's size!

Extra Long Lead

Huskies are notorious escape artists, so I very rarely let Thor go off leash anywhere. As a solution, I got him a 30 foot lead! He can run far away from me, get his exercise, and I don't have to worry about him running away and becoming someone else pain in the ass! These leads go from 20 feet to 50 feet and have really come in handy!

5 out of 5 dog bones - mine has held up for over a year and a half!

Tempur-pedic Bed for Dogs

This is THE ultimate luxury bed for your dogs, but it's more than just comfortable! If your dog's breed is known to suffer from arthritis, joint or spine issues, they need a bed that is supportive. This orthopedic bed is thick, soft, and supportive for your best friend! It was the first and only bed we have had for Thor, and he LOVES it! We have the extra large size and it has grown with our boy, who is now 98 pounds! Our vet recommended this one to us, and I'm so glad we got it!

5 out of 5 dog bones - worth every freaking penny!

Slow Feeder insert

Thor literally will scarf his food down in 30 seconds if I let him. This can lead to intestinal and tummy issues, vomiting, you name it! But most slow feeder bowls do nothing because they aren't deep enough - enter the slow feeder insert. It goes inside of his deep ceramic bowl and slows him down to about a minute and a half, which in my book is a miracle! Since switching, he hasn't vomited once and his doggy farts are MUCH less frequent! Plus its dishwasher safe and chew proof!

5 out of 5 dog bones

Medicated Ear Wipes

If your dog has floppy ears, you need to be cleaning them at least once a week to prevent ear infections caused by ear mites or yeast! Thor had one last year and it was NASTY and took over a month to get rid of! So his vet recommended these medicated wipes that clean their ears and prevent infections. All dog's ears should be cleaned, but those floppy ear dogs really need some extra work!

5 out of 5 dog bones

Well that's it, my list of the best dog buys for your spoiled furry friends! If you have any must have dog items I missed, feel free to leave them in the comments! Now go give your babies some love!

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