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The Ultimate Guide to Jeans for the B Belly Babe: Finding Your Perfect Fit!

**Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase through these links, we may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. We only recommend products we truly love and believe will benefit our readers. Your support in using these links helps us keep bringing you valuable content. Thank you for your support!

For all the B belly babes out there, finding the perfect pair of jeans that flatter your unique body shape can be a daunting task. But fear not! In this ultimate guide, we'll dive into the world of jeans and explore how different styles, rises, and stretches can impact the way they fit your B-shaped body. So, let's embark on a journey to discover your ideal jeans and embrace your beautiful B belly with confidence!

First, let's talk about the anatomy of a jean!

  1. Waistband: The top part of jeans that wraps around your waist.

  2. Rise: The distance between the crotch seam and the top of the waistband. Choose from low-rise (below belly button), mid-rise (at or just below natural waist), or high-rise (above belly button) based on your body shape and comfort preference. (more on this in a minute!) SHOPPING HACK: When shopping for denim in person it is a great idea to know your measurements ahead of time and keep a measuring tape on you. I use this one because it goes on a keychain! I keep a note on my phone with my waist (across), and my rise so I can pre screen if a pair of jeans will fit me before hitting the fitting room! This helps not only with my confidence of having MORE success when trying things on, but also cuts down on the time, and sweat, in the dressing room!

  3. Leg: The part of jeans from crotch to hem. Select from skinny (form-fitting), straight (uniform width), boyfriend (relaxed with tapered leg), or flare (wide leg opening). Pick the style that complements your body shape and personal taste.

  4. Inseam: The inner seam length from crotch to hem. Measure your inseam to find your desired length. Opt for a slightly longer inseam if unsure, as jeans can be hemmed to the perfect length.

When shopping, try different sizes, styles, and rises to find the jeans that fit your B-shaped body comfortably and make you feel fabulous. Remember, the perfect jeans are the ones that make you confident and comfortable.

Preventing Slippage:

The #1 complaint I get told constantly is that your jeans slip and fall into the center of your B! But I have the end all, be all solution...

Opting for Less Stretch and a Higher Rise!

If you find that your pants have a tendency to slide down between your B belly, fear not! There's a simple solution that can keep your jeans securely in place. Look for jeans with less stretch and a higher rise to prevent unwanted slippage and ensure a comfortable fit.

Less Stretch: Jeans with high amounts of stretch are what most people gravitate to - but that stretch will stretch out over time, which may contribute to them slipping down between your B belly throughout the day. Instead, opt for jeans with a lower percentage of stretch or even non-stretch denim. These jeans offer a more structured and secure fit, reducing the likelihood of constant adjustments.

Higher Rise: As mentioned earlier, high-rise jeans are a great choice for B belly babes due to their ability to provide extra coverage and support. When you have a higher rise, the jeans sit above your belly button AND above your B, helping to hold them in place securely. This not only prevents slippage but also provides a smooth and flattering silhouette for your B-shaped body.

If you are wearing high rise with minimal stretch and they are still slipping, check your size! Those jeans can be worn out, too big, or too little! If jeans are too big, they slip off, if they are too tight, they can slip too - so it might be time to get some new jeans that fit just right!

The Battle of Rises: Low Rise vs. Mid Rise vs. High Rise Jeans

When it comes to choosing jeans for your B belly, the rise matters. Mid-rise jeans typically sit at or just below your natural waistline, while high-rise jeans sit higher, above your belly button. High-rise jeans are a fantastic option for B belly babes as they provide extra coverage and support, preventing any unwanted peek-a-boo moments. They also help smooth and flatter your midsection, making you feel fabulous in any outfit.

Low-rise jeans can be a tricky choice for B belly babes. The low-rise waistband sits below the belly button, and for most women this means under your entire belly or apron - wearing them how lots of men wear their jeans under their gut. This can draw more attention to the tummy area, highlighting the B belly indentation and the lower belly. Low rise would be my LEAST recommended for any babe with any type of belly.

Let's take a look at what these actually look like on a B Belly!

These are the Mid-Rise power slim straight jeans from Old Navy

Notice how they not only are in the middle of my B, but also that they are slipping in the back, exposing the top of my underwear. This is because they don't truly fit my body, even if they are the correct size. I wore my jeans like this for YEARS!!!!!! So it's ok if you have been too. The number one complaint people give me when switching to high rise is that it feels weird, and yeah, if you have been wearing your pants here like this for years, it will take some adjusting. But notice that the top of the B becomes like a permanent muffin top, if I was to wear a shirt over that, the B would be SO prominent. Tucking would be out of the question, and if you some how managed to pull these jeans up over your B, they will fall back down quickly because they are meant to sit at your natural waist.

These are the high-waisted kicker boot cut jeans from old navy.

My B is tucked into these, and because they have minimal stretch, the pants will stay up where they belong. This jean is ideal if you want to wear a cropped top, or give the front of your shirt a tuck!

By wearing a higher rise jean and "tucking" away our B, we elongate our legs which gives you a smoother and taller looking silhouette. Notice how different my body looks in a mid rise pant on the left vs a high rise on the right.

(Jeans links from left to right: left, center, right. I am usually a 22, Im wearing a 24 in all styles here.)

Stretch It Out: Understanding Stretch Levels and Visible Belly Lines

Jeans come in various stretch levels, and understanding them can make a huge difference in how they fit your B-shaped body. High-stretch jeans offer maximum flexibility and tend to hug your curves closely. While they might accentuate your visible belly line slightly more, they provide exceptional comfort and a sleek silhouette. On the other hand, low or no-stretch jeans offer a more structured look, minimizing the visibility of your belly line. Strike a balance between comfort and style by choosing a stretch level that suits your preferences.

You can tell how much stretch a jean has by the amount of fibers added to the cotton.

  • 99-100% cotton means there is no stretch at all to the jeans

  • 2% or more of fibers like elastane, spandex, or lycra mean there is stretch

  • the higher percentage of these fibers means there is more stretch

  • the higher the stretch in your jeans, the more visible your belly line will be

Take a look at these images! The denim goes from the most stretchy on the left with the skinny jeans, to medium amount of stretch with the slim straights in the middle, to almost no stretch at all with the wide leg on the far right. Notice how you get less and less of a visible belly line with the least amount of stretch. That's because the denim isn't grabbing me when it has less stretch. Its more relaxed all the way around. If seeing your VBL or visible belly line is a concern for you, try lower stretch jean!

(Jeans links left to right: left, center, right, Im usually a 22, Im wearing a 24 in all styles)

Embracing Different Leg Options:

Skinny, Straight, Boyfriend, and Flare which do we choose?

Skinny jeans provide a flattering, form-fitting look, elongating your legs and balancing your proportions.

Straight jeans offer a classic, versatile style that complements your B-shaped figure effortlessly.

Boyfriend jeans exude a relaxed and trendy vibe, providing a looser fit that flatters your curves.

Flare jeans add a touch of retro charm, balancing out your proportions beautifully.

These are the same legs as the six photos above here and in this order from left to right if you want to see them on my body!

Size DOESN'T matter: Forget the Label, Focus on Fit. Remember, when shopping for jeans, it's crucial to prioritize how they fit rather than the number on the label. Every brand and style may have variations in sizing, so don't hesitate to try different sizes and opt for what fits you best. If you try on a pair and they don't fit, don't start down a shaming spiral about your body, instead, go up a size! Don't get caught up in the numbers; instead, concentrate on finding jeans that embrace your B-shaped body in all the right places. Women's clothing sizing is NOT regulated!!! A pair of jeans that is a size 18 from one brand might fit like a 16 from another brand! This happens to straight and plus size women, so don't let it effect you mentally! ALSO, mass produced jeans are made by stacking hundreds of layers of fabric on top of each other and then a giant cutter presses through them. This leaves the top few items to the "perfect" size, and the others - because of stretch or movement during the cut, to not fit the same! This is how you can pick up three pairs of identical jeans from the same store and they will all fit slightly different! You can watch a video here from discovery on how they cut the fabric!

(Jean links from left to right, left, center, right - these are not ON, they are from Worthy Figures, use code NIKKI15 to save 15%! I'm wearing a 24 on the left and center and a 22 on the right!)

It's all in the wash: The Personal Choice of Jeans Color

When it comes to the color of your jeans, it's all about personal preference and style. The wash of jeans can significantly affect the overall look and feel of your outfit. While there are no hard and fast rules, choosing a color that resonates with you can boost your confidence and elevate your fashion game.

Personal Choice: Your jeans' color is an expression of your individual style, and there's no right or wrong choice. Whether you love classic blue denim, prefer darker indigo hues, or want to experiment with faded and distressed looks, go for what makes you feel fabulous. After all, fashion is an extension of your personality, so embrace colors that speak to you!

Confidence Journey: If you're still on your confidence journey and want to feel more at ease with your B-shaped body, darker washes can be your best friend. Dark indigo or black jeans also camouflage any perceived flaws or indentations, offering a smooth and streamlined silhouette. As you become more confident in your style, feel free to explore a variety of washes and have fun experimenting with different looks!

Other Denim Terms You Might Want to Know:

When I did my initial denim guide, these were some of the questions we answered!

Q: "What is a curvy fit jean"

A: Curvy fit jeans are meant for people that are pear shaped. Their waistband has ZERO stretch, while the pants usually have a higher stretch. This is to prevent them from falling off. However, if you're not a pear, let's say you're an apple, and you wear curvy fit jeans, they will dig into your center, since you don't have a natural indentation at your waist, and create a muffin top. I only recommend curvy fits for hourglasses or pears.

Q: "Is there a difference between high rise and high waist?"

A: YES! High waisted means they are meant to hit at the natural waist, this is different for everyone. A high rise is quite literally the measurement in the RISE, so a high rise will be longer in the rise than a mid rise!

Q: "Do I have to size up if I wear no stretch?"

A: Yes! Usually, but that's ok!! Again, clothes are meant to fit YOU, not the other way around!!! Even small people have to size up in them, so don't let that deter you!

Q: "Button closure vs Zipper?"

A: This is very much personal preference, however some people feel like a button closure holds them in better and prevents the slippage that happens sometimes in jeans. So if you aren't having any luck trying anything else and your jeans are slipping, try a button closure

So that is my ultimate guide to jeans for the B Belly Gal!! I hope this helps you feel like you can shop with more confidence and try something new with your denim!! Remember, confidence isn't solely dependent on the color or fit of your jeans but also how you feel when you wear them. So, prioritize your comfort and happiness, and let your unique style shine through, regardless of the wash or fit you choose!



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