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Let's Eat! | Menu plan for May 7th 2023

We've made it to the second week of menu planning! I am trying SO HARD to break the habit of eating out, so these menu plans should hopefully kick my butt into gear! Once you start that habit, its hard to shake it!

Now, if you watched my stories this week, you will know that I locked myself out of my car on the grocery run to get these damn things! lol On star couldn't remotely unlock the car and AAA told me an hour and a half - which took almost 4 hours! Not only did the groomer call and say that Thor was ready to be picked up - which would be fine since I was only about a 5 minute walk from there - but my credit card and his leash are in the car! Thank the good Lord for my mom, who lives about 15 minutes away, she came and rescued me, took me to pick up Thor, and waited with me, while Thor shed all over her car, until AAA finally made it! Which was so wonderful considering it was raining and 86 degrees outside! Yuck!! Needless to say, that grocery store visit was a bit more chaotic than I was hoping!

BUT, my groceries totaled around $135 for this week, so here is what we are eating! (Im going to backtrack a bit since I am just now getting around to posting!)


  • Friday, May 5th: Homemade Chipotle Burritos

  • Saturday, May 6th: Homemade Hamburger Helper and gluten free cheddar baked biscuits (I just use the box mix from red lobster for these)

  • Sunday, May 7th: BBQ Chicken - not sure what we're having with it, Lagan and Zak are coming over and brining side dishes!

  • Monday, May 8th: Baked Potatoes (if you saw stories, the ones I got are bigger than Jasons Deli!)

  • Tuesday, May 9th: Movie Night - nachos, popcorn, candy bar

  • Wednesday, May 10th: Pork chops with baked beans, Mac n cheese, cornbread

  • Thursday, May 11th: Italian Pasta Bake, garlic knots

I also like to plan out breakfasts and lunches so I have something to grab, I just don't assign days to them. Here is what I have planned this week:

Breakfast options:

  • cottage cheese scrambled eggs

  • chicken and apple sausage

  • fruit

  • yogurt and granola

Lunch options:

  • Pasta Salad

  • Side Salad

  • Grilled Cheese

  • Spaghetti-o's (my guilty pleasure!)

We aren't doing a family dinner this weekend, but we will be getting together for Mothers Day next week!

Here are the recipes I'll be using this week:

Homemade hamburger helper from The Novice Chef

Homemade chipotle bowls - I actually didn't use a recipe, but this is the rice we used and it was awesome! Just marinated the steak in some lime, chipotle in adobo, and grilled. Stuffed burritos with steak, this rice, black beans drained out of the can, red salsa, white cheddar cheese (this is what MAKES it!), sour cream, and lettuce! Phenomenal!

BBQ Chicken from Foodie Crush

Oven baked potatoes from Gimmie Some Oven

Nachos, I literally bought round tortilla chips, pickled jalapeños, and canned cheese - just like the movie theater!!

Pork chops from Cafe Delites

Let me know what you're having in the comments!!


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