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What can I do for you?

BShapedBody is different than your typical instagram page. There is a huge focus on community, the women there have become friends and lift each other up! They are also extremely supportive of brands that SEE them as plus sized women. I would love the opportunity to introduce your brand to them and help you meet your goals as a business. I make fun, lighthearted style videos, showing fashion in ways many of my followers never even dreamed they could dress because society tells them not to! But I don't stop at fashion! I draw a ton of inspiration from my previous life of being a professional chef with recipes, ways to save money at the store, and cooking tips. Other lifestyle content we love to show include marriage advice, financial chats, home decorating and organizing, clean healthy living while my husband and I are in the process of losing weight, and so much more! I love learning how your brand wants to be seen, and work together to make that happen!

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BigFig Mattress



12 months working together

12 months working together

1 year of commissionable sales

sales generated from my links

sales generated from my links

sales generated from my links

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